Roanoke Clinic Office Phone: 252.537.9176

Hours of Operation: M - F  7am - 5pm

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Personal & Professional Values

When Selecting A Physician, What Values Really Matter?

  • Knowledge & Experience
  • Willingness to Listen & Understand
  • Clarity in Communications
  • Dedication & Empathy
  • Responsive Service & Follow-up
  • Reputation of Trust & Honesty

“I believe in establishing warm and personal relationships with my patients and their families – the way medicine used to be.”

I want you to receive the time and attention you deserve. As your family physician, I am your doctor and want to give you the kind of care we all desire from a medical professional.

I want you to have the confidence that your medical needs are my number one priority. As a former breast cancer patient, I know what it’s like to feel all alone. All too many times, you feel like you are being subjected to "the Process" and placed in the hands of medical people who don't care. I want to listen and care for your needs with a special devotion and be an advocate for better health and better living.

I see the technical, regulatory, and financial changes occurring in medicine, and how they can adversely affect my patients. More people are delaying medical treatment, incurring a higher probability of urgent care or ER treatment, at a greater risk of an adverse outcome, and incurring a larger expense. I want you to know my focus is to advocate for my patients.

As your family doctor, I want to invite you to discover everything missing from modern medicine today.

Roanoke Clinic, Roanoke Rapids, NC

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