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Dr. Carol Rupe is a former United States Air Force physician. She understands the true meaning of service and the value of personal sacrifice. As a small business owner, Dr. Rupe understands the challenges that owners and employees of small businesses face in this tough economy without health insurance. And as a breast cancer survivor, she knows the despair that an unresponsive and uncaring medical system can bring.

All of her patients have their own unique appointment time with NO double booking. When you have a 9am appointment, that is exclusively your appointment time, without a long wait. Dr. Rupe wants your visit to be the best experience you have ever had from the time you walk in until the moment you leave. She and her professional medical staff are truly devoted to caring for you as an individual. They will give you more personal attention and will take the time needed to answer your questions.

Dr. Rupe's personal and private medical practice is her contribution to her community. She refuses to adhere to the “take a number and wait” mentality so common in medicine. Dr. Rupe wants you to receive the medical care that you deserve and invites you to discover everything missing from modern medicine today!

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